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What People are Saying // Reviews

We have lots of folks write in with reviews on their experience with Create Good Sinks. We love sharing their stories and seeing their finished projects!


"Well- that’s how I feel about my sink! Love it. LOVE IT!! It is a critical feature to the function and clean line attractiveness of the space. 

So I’m really happy and I feel like the early purchase of your sink sent us off in a good design direction. 

Really wishing your company success. Everyone should know what you offer!"

- Susan

Susan Create Good Sinks Customer Review


"I love this sink. It perfect in every way. Could possibly be my favourite purchase in our new home. I couldn’t be more happy with this sink! 

Thank you for a great product and amazing service. We required an attachment for the [disposal] we selected to make it compatible with the sink hole and your team was so helpful at providing it for us. Truly truly impressed and grateful!"

- Selma

Selma Create Good Sinks Customer Review


"Hi Dan, Love my sinks. This is the easiest lettuce washing ever. I fill the sink with water and baking soda to wash, rinse clean on top of the rolling grate and then drain the excess water by rolling the lettuce inside the grate."

- Jennifer M


"We love our sink with all it's versatility and practicality. It expands your counter top space when preparing meals and keeps the mess in the sink! 

Thanks again for your over-the-top service and knowledge, it made the process smoother and less stressful especially since we thought timing was going to be an issue! The sink is such a luxury item but in so many ways it feels like a necessity!"

- Terri L

Terri Create Good Sinks Customer Review