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36" farmhouse workstation kitchen sink double bowl with cutting board
36" apron front farm sink double bowl workstation kitchen sink

36" Apron Front Farm Sink - Workstation Sink - 8" Depth - Double Bowl - Large Bowl Left (5LAD36-8)

$ 1,195.00 $ 1,475.00

The apron front of our 36 inch farmhouse sink and 8” bowl depth brings the basin closer to you for easy reach and provides a beautiful textural design element to the kitchen. The dual basins and sliding accessories make this sink a powerful prep and clean workspace. While our single bowl models give flexibility in the open basin, our double bowl sinks are great for kitchens that do a lot of hand washing or step-by-step food preparation. Our foldable stainless steel roll mat (purchased separately) sits on the integrated track of our workstation sinks and makes a great drying rack, keeping dripping dishes off of your counter.

The smart design of the low divider keeps pot handles and long sheet pans from protruding above the sink, keeping the kitchen looking tidy and well kept.

Recommended Standard Base Cabinet: 36"+

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