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39" Workstation Sink, Double Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with cutting boards and sink accessories for built in rail
39" Workstation Sink Undermount Double Bowl Stainless Steel Sink, dual tier sink
39 inch workstation sink, Undermount Double Bowl Stainless Steel Sink, can be used with one or two faucets, can be used as a double ledge sink
Create Good Sinks 39 inch workstation sink installed customer photo with bronze traditional style faucet
Dimensions for reversible 39 inch double bowl ledge workstation kitchen sink

39" Workstation Sink - Double Bowl - Reversible (5LD39C)

$ 1,475.00 $ 1,775.00

A dream sink for the at-home chef. Robust, super functional, and a statement piece for the kitchen.

This sink is a great candidate for the double ledge option. You can achieve maximum workflow and easily toggle between tasks by sliding accessories over each other with the second ledge. Cut the countertop back to reveal a portion of the top sink flange, creating the second tier for our Double Ledge cutting board accessories.

This sink will work great with just one faucet, but is also large enough to warrant two faucets if you plan on having two people working together in the kitchen at meal time. 

Recommended Standard Base Cabinet: 42"

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