Barbara D's Sink Review

" Just want to follow up on my sink that I purchased a few months ago. I love the sink and the design of the double ledges. It allows for a total workspace in my kitchen without all the mess on the countertops and floors!

I had looked at the Galley sink several times but was having hard time on their price. Looked at several other brands but was not happy with the quality or design. After much research on the internet I found your company and was very interested in your seamless drain design. However, I wasn’t convinced until I saw the sink in person. Thank you Molly for allowing me to visit your warehouse and showing me the sink and all the accessories. It was a pleasure meeting you and learning more about your company.

Kane I appreciate you replacing my cutting board so promptly with no hassle or questions. I have been using the stainless steel beverage tub and like it a lot. It is great to serve beverages in for a small group. No mess with lice melting on counters and several trips to the refrigerator for drinks. I live in a condo and this works perfect for entertaining in small places. Also, I have found I really like to use it when washing a small amount of dishes. I have the large 46” sink and this smaller size is perfect for small jobs. My only regret is not having this sink in my Kentucky home. The beverage tub would have been great when I was preparing fruits and vegetables for freezing this past summer.

Looking forward to getting more accessories. "

Sink Model: 5LS46C
Barbara D
January 27th, 2021
Longboat Key, FL