Connie M's Sink Review

"Dear Dan and Molly, My renovation project is finished now. I wanted to thank you for my beautiful sink, faucet and snozzle. They are all totally wonderful. Thank you for your assistance with my questions. You were so helpful to me. I truly appreciate that. Both my plumber and my contractor were impressed with the quality and innovation of the seamless drain. My plumber was a bit stumped about installation of the garbage disposal till I showed him your video. He agreed, as in the video, that the installation was “easy peasy”! My space was tight for the faucet handle to have full mobility so he installed it at an angle-which I love! I've put a review on your Facebook page and on Houzz. Here are some photos of my sink. Thank you again and blessings to you."

Fluid Non Ledge by Create Good
Connie Millberg
September 11th, 2017
Keller, TX