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"Create Good Sinks is a new line of kitchen sinks that are made without the customary seams and flanges that you typically see around the drain."
 Seamless Sink Affluence Line By Nigel F. MaynardAs seen on:

"Like its name says, Create Good's Seamless Sink does away with the crud-trapping seam around the drain hole, making cleanup a snap."
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"There is a new sink on the market that has been called “revolutionary.” Create Good's Seamless Sink is making waves in the kitchen and bath industry."
As seen on:Ava Living

"For people out there that love the newest kitchen gadgets (myself included), I came across this great new redesign on the traditional stainless steel kitchen sink. Winner of “Best of Competition” at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show"
As seen on: Design Guide

"Dan Sullivan solved a problem no one had thought about before, the dreadful drain. The sink he invented eliminated that ugly seam around your drain and disposal that catches gunk and creates an eyesore."
As seen on:  Gold Notes

"Ordinary sinks have a seam where the plumber’s ring meets the bottom of the sink. Since virtually all sinks look like this, no one really notices the seams."
As seen on: Kitchen and Residential Design

"When I wrote about Create Good Sinks originally, all I saw was the streamlined look of a seamless sink. Granted, it’s an impressive feature, but it’s only a third of the story."
As seen on: Kitchen and Residential Design

"Removing the goo that collects around the kitchen sink’s drain is a thankless task, and one that can be avoided with a stainless steel sink from Create Good Sinks."
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"I don’t know about you, but I really dislike trying to keep the drain area of my sink clean. Having to clean the crevasse around the food disposer is a thing of the past with the new Create Good Seamless Sink."
As seen on:  Anne Porter

"Inventor Dan Sullivan approached all the majors with his concept of a sink sans the ugly drain ring."
As seen on:  Gold Notes

"Create Good's Seamless Sink eliminates the customary seams and flanges normally found around the kitchen sink drain. This revolutionary vision for sinks provides a more sanitary environment for food preparation"
As seen on:  Supply House Times