Debris is easily swept to the offset drain
Ledge sinks create a natural space for prepping food
Apron front sinks are great for achy backs

Drainboard Sinks offer plenty of room to dry dishes in a thoughtful manner

Single Bowl Sinks... plenty of room for skillets
One side for soapy water, the other for rinsing.... or stacking clean dishes
sinks are hand made and have smaller bends in the corners that increase the sink basin's work surface by about 20%.
sinks have very sharp bends in the corners for a contemporary look. The tight corners increase the sink basin's work surface by about 20%.
Gentle Radius Sinks are formed with a hydraulic press and a mold from a sheet of 16 gauge stainless steel. The sink mold's corners are rounded so the steel does not split as it stretches. Also, the sides are slanted, so the mold can be removed. The slanted walls and rounded corners reduce the available work space in the sink basin.
Our Custom Fabrication Shop can build the exact sink you desire
Solid Stainless Steel Faucets match our sinks perfectly