Double Ledge Workstation Sinks

Large single bowl 16 gauge stainless steel undermount workstation kitchen sink with two ledges for sink accessories

What is a double ledge?

All of Create Good Sinks' workstation sinks have a wide 1" top flange making the dual tier effect possible by cutting the countertop back to reveal a portion of the upper flange. The flange then acts as the secondary workstation rail, sitting 1.25" above the integrated ledge.

The effect // Hide and glide

Our sink accessories glide smoothly along the tracks, making it easy to toggle between tasks. The secondary ledge allows you to stack the accessories, saving space in the sink. All of our 18" cutting boards are compatible with both the built-in ledge and the upper tier.

Drawing of 46 inch workstation kitchen sink with two ledges. The second tier is accomplished by cutting a positive reveal in the counter top.

How to // Positive reveal

For the dual tier effect, you will instruct your countertop fabricator to cut a positive reveal in the counter material. They will cut the opening of the counter slightly larger than the opening of the sink, exposing a portion of the lip of the sink, which will then become the second ledge. We recommend a 1/2" reveal on the front and back ledges and a 1/4" reveal on the left and right sides.

46 inch stainless steel undermount kitchen sink. Large single bowl trough sink with workstation accessories and dual tiers.

Dual tiers for double action

Get into the groove whether you're assembling mise en plase for dinner or setting up a charcuterie and beverage station when entertaining friends and family. Clean up is a cinch when messes stay inside the sink.

A double ledge workstation sink is the perfect option for busy kitchens.