37 inch stainless steel undermount workstation kitchen sink in contemporary rustic home

About Us

Create Good Sinks patented seamless undermount drain is a show stopping new sink feature for a sanitary and gorgeous kitchen sink experience

We innovate

For over a decade, Create Good Sinks has been creating innovative solutions to the kitchen sink. Our patent on the Seamless Drain, an original design that helped us win first place at the National Kitchen and Bath Show for best new product, is implemented into every one of our sinks.

4 foot undermount workstation sink in contemporary modern kitchen

We design

From there, we adopted many unique features that truly set Create Good Sinks apart from any other sink on the market. Our genius ½” radius corner design provides our customers with the elegant, space saving design that many look for in a zero radius sink, but eliminates the health hazard that come with its harsh 90 degree corners. Instead, our sinks are minimal and rectangular to keep up with current trends, but have just enough of a rounded corner to make cleaning a breeze.

Techincal patent drawing of the seamless undermount drain

We create

Today, we are a growing family business headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio in a 20,000 square foot facility. Our ever increasing inventory has expanded to include sinks ranging in size from 10” bar sinks up to a massive 84” sink, with every variation in between. Whether you’re looking for a ledge sink, an offset drain, an apron front or all of the above, Create Good Sinks has you covered.

Meet The Team

We are a group of individuals who craft, design, and develop solutions for your kitchen experience.

Create Good Sinks Warehouse Team at our shop in Cincinnati, Ohio

Warehouse team

A passionate team that makes your order their priority. Ordering with us means that you get your sink delivered and on time.