Half Inch radius sinks

"Create Good Sinks are 1/2" radius, making it much easier to clean."

- Liz B. 

(see full review on Houzz)


Many kitchen sink companies have adopted a modern, zero-radius design. The sharp, 90-degree corner is appealing for contemporary kitchens and easy to manufacture, however, the tight corners are difficult to clean.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, many sinks feature dated, overly-rounded corners which drastically reduce usable space in the sink basin.

A slight bend

Our half-inch radius design has the best of both worlds; Modern appeal and maximum space with just enough curvature to easily wipe clean. The half-inch radius design creates walls that are straight up and down (not slanted like most sinks) creating about 20% more workspace in the basin. 


We’re not into cutting corners. The welding process for half-inch radius sinks is tedious, but the resulting benefits to the user far outweigh the costs. Once you experience the half-inch radius, you’ll see why we exclusively offer this design on all of our sinks.