Seamless Drain

A standard feature on all of our sinks
Create Good Sinks large single bowl stainless steel workstation sink with built in ledge for sliding accessories. Shown with our patented seamless undermount drain and workstation sink colander set

The seam is gone

Our patented Seamless Drain introduces a radical upgrade to aesthetics, cleanliness and dependability in the kitchen sink.

Seamless Drain Features

3 foot 16 gauge stainless steel undermount workstation kitchen sink with bamboo cutting board and undermount drain

Easy going

Our design unifies the sink basin and the drain opening into one seamless surface, leaving you with a modern, minimal look that’s just one wipe away from clean.
Create Good Sinks seamless undermount drain with removable dishwasher safe splash guard

Pragmatic design

Most splash guards are permanent and filthy. Ours are removable, easy-to-clean, and dishwasher safe. A huge step up in sanitary standards.
50 inch 16 gauge stainless steel undermount workstation kitchen sink with smart low divide and undermount drain

Go with the flow

The sleek design of the Seamless Drain compliments our high quality undermount sinks for a consistent visual experience.

Seamless Drain Sanitary Features

Create Good Sinks 16 gauge stainless steel strainer baskets are designed to fit over a disposal or normal drain so you can have a matching set with a dual basin sink

Our strainer baskets are designed to seal the drain and the disposal

Enjoy a truly sophisticated set.
Create Good Sinks patented seamless undermount drain is a show stopping new sink feature for a sanitary and gorgeous kitchen sink experience

The best seal in the industry

Our drain and disposal mounting system utilizes a stainless steel clamp and heavy duty rubber seal for the best seal in the industry. Throw away the archaic plumber's putty that dries, cracks and leaks!
Create Good Sinks Undermount Drain Kit Parts for plumbing installation

Easy install

Installation is a breeze. Simply attach the disposal or drain to the underside of the sink using our complimentary fittings. Simple for your plumber, and easy enough for a novice DIY-er.

Stunning. Simple. Sanitary.

We offer a unique variety of handmade, solid 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel undermount sinks, all featuring our patented seamless drain.
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