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4 foot workstation sink with lots of sink accessories for serving pasta

Workstation sink design

The stainless steel undermount workstation sink is a creative solution to the “more sink or more counter” dilemma. Our workstation sinks are manufactured with a built-in ledge that supports an array of custom sink accessories, giving you an amazing workspace in your kitchen.

37 inch farmhouse apron sink with workstation sink accessories for serving dinner

Workstation sink accessories

Cutting boards, colanders and roll-out drying racks fit securely on the workstation sink ledge and act as a continuation of your countertop.

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Double ledge option

Our workstation sinks are designed with a slightly larger lip to allow the option of having a second ledge.

When installing the sink, cut the counter top back a bit, revealing a portion of the lip for dual tier functionality.

We offer several accessories that function on either ledge, allowing you to create a truly customizable workspace in your kitchen.

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Create Good Sinks 46" stainless steel workstation sink featured in a cooking class at The Bell House Wimberly in Texas. Photo credit: Madeline Harper

Versatile and fun

With a little imagination, the workstation design and our custom accessories create a fun, interactive work zone in the kitchen. 

Prepare, serve, and clean the new way.

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Overhead shot of a 46" single basin workstation sink with offset seamless drain and sink accessories
Woman standing at large single basin workstation kitchen sink using cutting board in traditional kitchen

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large double bowl workstation sink

Design your kitchen around your sink

Choose your sink before your cabinets. Consider a large workstation sink for a truly unique culinary experience in your home kitchen.

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