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A Sink Designed to Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy

A Sink Designed to Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy

Sanitary Standards from Create Good Sinks on Vimeo.


While we have made a strong focus to showcase how impressive, beautiful, and functional our line of ledge workstation sinks are, there is still one thing that sets Create Good Sinks apart from the rest.

Our seamless drain is the brainchild of Dan Sullivan, CGS's founder and owner. One morning in his kitchen, while having a cup of coffee, his attention was pulled toward the sink. While caught in a stare with the grimy ring around the drain, he thought, "It is more complicated than it needs to be".

So began his quest to design the seamless drain. 

Months were spent developing the tooling and process for fabricating a sink that was unified in its entirety. Eventually, Dan was able to make it happen.

Along the way, as he thought and learned more about kitchen sinks, he was also able to problem shoot the permanent rubber splash guard that comes standard in disposals. With the option to customize the entire drain, he developed a splash guard that is removable and dishwasher-safe.

Our first collection of sinks were fabricated with zero radius corners. The type of welding used for these corners is fairly simple and less labor intensive to make. However, these tight, pinched corners presented an issue that is counter-intuitive to our main goal of cleaning up the kitchen. We decided to move forward with our half inch radius design, which gives you the practical benefit of straight walls, without creating a hard-to-clean space for bacteria to build up. 

Our Sanitation Standards video also takes a closer look at some of the other clever solutions we came up with to help your kitchen stay clean and safe.


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