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How to Care for a Stainless Steel Sink

The Skinny on Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a great option for durability in a kitchen sink. The nature of the material is that it is inevitably bound to scratch. 

This is ubiquitous across the board with stainless sinks. Even the highest quality steel is prone to scratching.

The good news is that over the course of a year or so, hairline scratches start working together to form somewhat of a patina to the sink.

We use high-end industry standard 304 stainless in all of our sinks. We opted for a light, brush finish to help incorporate tiny scratches and marks in the texture of the steel. 

Caring for your Sink

A daily rinsing and drying your sink after use will help keep the appearance of the sink in tip top shape. 

A weekly cleanse of the sink is important for maintaining the luster and integrity of the steel. We love Barkeeper's Friend for routine cleaning and as a remedy for hairline scratches. Apply and let it set for a few minutes, then wipe clean with a soft cloth.

Sink grids are helpful in protecting the basin of the sink from scratching.

For deep scratches, use a 3M buffing pad (or other non-metal scrubbing pad). Take your time and use long, focused strokes going with the grain of the steel. Keep in mind, if you make a swoop at the end of a stroke, this will make a noticeable streak against the grain of the steel. 

Avoid cleaners with harsh chemicals- bleach, drain cleaners, and other products containing chlorides can cause corrosion over time. If used, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water. 

Also avoid using steel wool or wire brushes. Metal particulate from these, if left in the sink, can rust in the sink and stain the steel.