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Ledge sink accessory package roll mat colander cutting board grid
Workstation sink accessory bundle
Ledge accessory stainless steel colander
Ledge accessory 15" wide bamboo cutting board
Ledge accessory stainless steel roll mat
Ledge Accessory Package in Apron Front Sink

Ledge Accessory Package

$ 145.00 $ 325.00

The perfect starter bundle made exclusively for our built-in ledge. The ledge accessory package includes:

** The roll-mat, cutting board, and colander are interchangeable with all ledge sink models. Double-bowl sinks receive a grid for each basin. **

When ordering the Ledge Accessory Package, the protective grid for your particular sink's basin is included in the order. Double-bowl sinks will receive a grid for each basin.
(Grid Pictured Shown As Example)