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33" apron front ledge sink
33" stainless steel farmhouse ledge sink
Apron Front 33" Ledge Sink

33" Apron Front Farm Sink - Workstation Sink - 8" Depth - Single Bowl - Offset Drain Right (5LAS33R-8)

$ 975.00 $ 1,275.00

Our farmhouse style workstation sinks provide the best in beauty and function. The flat apron front and 8” depth bring the faucet and workstation accessories closer to you making food preparation easier than ever. Our accessories slide along the built in ledge and sit just below counter height, keeping messes contained over the sink basin. The depth and offset drain provide plenty of room in the cabinet for a garbage disposal, waste can, cleaning supplies, or tall stock pots. The extra space could also be used for built in drawers and pull outs. 

The stainless steel apron is the same finish as the interior sink basin, creating a unified, sleek look and the rounded corners in the bottom of our sinks make cleaning easy. Our single basin sinks make it easy to slide pots and pans under the cutting board and drying rack, leaving plenty of usable space to maintain workflow in the kitchen.

These sinks give the perfect blend of modern and traditional styles, making them adaptable to any design aesthetic.

Recommended Standard Base Cabinet: 33" or 36"

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