The drain seam collects unsightly black gunk that hosts over 17,000 bacteria per square inch.



Our patented seamless design unifies the sink drain and sink basin into one continuous surface where bacteria is just a wipe away. Elevate your kitchen with our elegant and sanitary seamless sink. A standard feature at Create Good Sinks!


“Create Good Sinks specializes in high quality, stainless steel undermount sinks and offers the largest selection of ledge sinks in the world.

Our patented seamless drain is a key feature on all of our sinks. This design unifies the sink basin and drain, eliminating the unsightly ring for a bacteria-free surface.

Add in features like our offset drains, built in ledge, brilliant ½” radius corners and you'll see why our seamless sinks have gone into over 10,000 homes to date!

We are committed to delivering the best quality service and products and back them with our generous warranty if your expectations are not met.