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Client Reviews

Hi Dan,
Your sink is finally in place! The kitchen is still in process - appliances, plumbing, electrical, etc. still to come. I’ll send final pictures when it’s really complete but I want you to know the sink is fabulous in place. The countertop fabricator was impressed by its sturdiness and beauty. He probably sees 10 (or more) each week.
I am so happy that I chose this one! Can’t wait to put it into action.
Thanks and Happy New Year,

- Susan
December 20, 2018

Hi Dan,
"It’s been a year since my kitchen renovation was completed. I wanted to tell you how much I love my sink. It’s my favorite part of my new kitchen and there’s a lot to love in the new kitchen!
The size of the sink is amazing. I can’t imagine ever having used a standard size sink. Being able to do everything in the sink has made it possible for my kids to sit at the island to do their homework while I prepare meals and clean up. There’s no overflow of wet or dirty dishes on to the island.
The roll mat and cutting boards are perfection. I actually don’t think I could live without a roll mat anymore. I love it for cleaning vegetables and drying dishes.
My sink makes me so happy and I wanted to thank you for your help when I was shopping for a ledge sink and for providing such a fabulous product at a reasonable price."

Stefanie R.
November 28, 2018

Hi Dan,
We love our sink with all it's versatility and practicality. It expands your counter top space when preparing meals and keeps the mess in the sink!
Thanks again for your over-the-top service and knowledge, it made the process smoother and less stressful especially since we thought timing was going to be an issue! The sink is such a luxury item but in so many ways it feels like a necessity!

- Terri L.
October 5, 2018

Hi Dan,
I wanted to give you some feedback on our new sink. Again we purchased it I believe in December but due to unforeseen circumstances it was installed about two weeks ago. I originally had a 3 bowl sink prior to our mini remodel in our kitchen. My cabinet is 42 inches and wanted to take full advantage of it’s size and therefore looking for an up graded 3 bowl sink. I came upon your site on line and after speaking to you by phone , you convinced me that what I really needed was your 39 inch two bowl sink. You expressed the ability to lay my cookie sheets / large casserole dishes flat in the sink while washing . What a great concept, and after much thought decided to go ahead with purchasing your 2 bowl sink. After instillation I have to admit , I was little overwhelmed by it but after using it for a few days realized this is one great sink. I can wash in the smaller bowl and when my load requires more space, I just switch over to the larger bowl still having plenty of room for my drying rack. . I can honestly say it is the work horse of our kitchen. I like the look of the “ no rim” drain and also enjoy the drying rack for convenience and flexibility . I can only imagine how it will make my life a lot easier during the holiday baking season. It has been a great addition to our kitchen . This truly beats my old 3 bowl sink by leaps and bounds.

Kathy S.
Pittsburgh, PA
September 19, 2018

Hi Dan,
Love my sinks. This is the easiest lettuce washing ever. I fill the sink with water and baking soda to wash, rinse clean on top of the rolling grate and then drain the excess water by rolling the lettuce inside the grate.

Jennifer V
Traverse City, MI
September 19, 2018

Hi Dan,
Love my sink - beautiful! Thank you for all your help!

Jeannine M.
July 24, 2018

Hi Dan,
Here are some photos displaying your lovely sink. I am very pleased indeed! Thank you so much for everything!

Denise H
Sausalito, CA.
June 07, 2018

Hi Dan,
Sorry I am not a very good photographer, but I tried my best to take some good pics to show you my new kitchen sink from create good sinks. You can compare as I have also sent pics of the old sink. The installers commented on how nice the sink was and that they had never seen any like mine. My husband came home today from the hospital so I had some time to take pics to send to you. Hope the pics capture the real transformation. Can't thank you enough. You are a wonderful friend to have. Thanks A MILLION

TestimonialsBarbara W
Fort St. Lucie, FL
June 07, 2018

Hi Dan,
I love it! it makes cleaning so easy.

TestimonialsMayra M
Broken Arrow OK
June 07, 2018

Hi Dan,
It has been over a year since we purchased this sink, however, it did not get installed until recently. You asked for a picture, so here it is!!! Thank you again for the wonderful customer service. It was truly a joyful experience dealing with you and your company. The sink is absolutely amazing. I love it. I get compliments on it all the time. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

TestimonialsMark and Theresa
Jefferson City MO
May 27, 2018

TestimonialsCris D
April 30, 2018

Hi Dan,
Thank you dan our kitchen looks incredible and the sink is the best.

TestimonialsGlen and Cheryl M
Toledo, Oh
March 22, 2018

Hi Dan,
Just this past week we finally (!!!) moved into our renovated house and we wanted to let you know how impressed and excited we are by Create Good! We put two of your sinks in our island... a 33” ledge and a 19” ledge. My husband was nervous that it would be too much for the area. Now that we’re in the kitchen and have worked in the space, I can report back to you that having a second fully functional sink is simply awesome! In hindsight we wouldn’t do it any differently!
The quality you provide is far better than I expected. Solid, smooth, fantastic sound dampening, beautiful clean lines, and so far seemingly impossible to scratch. We also LOVE the cutting board and roll mat for the ledges. We use both constantly. They’re so functional that they turn our sinks into the best working space on our island.
I can’t believe how lucky I was to come across your products on Houzz. I felt like I was taking a bit of a risk by not ordering a known name brand like Franke or Elkay, but now that we have tested your sinks, Bella faucet, and other accessories- we know we made a very smart choice. It is clear that you really do care about your product.
Thank you so much for becoming a part of our daily life in the kitchen!!!
Merry Christmas!


Testimonials Tina
December 26, 2017

You probably wanted a pretty photo of my sink. But the reason I love the sink is because it makes everything easy to wash. My stovetop fits the sink perfectly as do my largest pots. Still waiting for the colander but enjoying my sink so much. Thank you Dan.

TestimonialsDebra and Edward G.
Calabasas CA
November 16, 2017

You were right on all counts about the sink drain, etc. it is installed and has been the hit of the kitchen. Thanks so much for your guidance. I have attached a photo which you are welcome to use if it is ever helpful.
You are welcome to use me as a reference any time.

TestimonialsRuthi M.
Fairfax, Virginia
November 13, 2017

I love my sink

TestimonialsMieko W
Walnut Creek CA
October 04, 2017

"Dear Dan and Molly,
My renovation project is finished now. I wanted to thank you for my beautiful sink, faucet and schnozzle. They are all totally wonderful.
Thank you for your assistance with my questions. You were so helpful to me. I truly appreciate that. Both my plumber and my contractor were impressed with the quality and innovation of the seamless drain. My plumber was a bit stumped about installation of the garbage disposal till I showed him your video. He agreed, as in the video, that the installation was'easy peasey!'
My space was tight for the faucet handle to have full mobility so he installed it at an angle-which I love! I've put a review on your Facebook page and on Houzz.
I would be glad to do one for your website but I'm not seeing how to add one there.
Here are some photos of my sink.
Thank you again and blessings to you.

TestimonialsConnie M.
Keller TX
September 11, 2017

"Hi Dan,My sink is finally installed! Just wanted to send you a photo and thank you and your team for a great sink and shopping experience. It has only been a couple of weeks but our giant 4' sink is clearly the star of our kitchen, and it has already received many compliments.Also, you were right. I was so worried about the sink being too deep, but it is perfect. And, the grid does help. I like it a lot more than I thought I would.Thanks!"

TestimonialsKirsty G.
Seattle WA
June 05, 2017

Hi Dan, We received our sink and accessories yesterday and unpacked them. I just wanted to let you know that we are very impressed with the quality of the product. The corner seams and radius are just what we hoped for and the detailing of how the sink is made is beautiful. The added accessories are fantastic and I know they will come in handy with the use of the sink. We are still about 6 weeks out from being able to install the countertops so we'll have to be a little more patient to get the sink up and running.

Testimonials Kelley & JD
Eugene, Oregon
July 15, 2017

Hi dan! Hope all is well!! I FINALLY got around to writing a review for your company on HOUZZ, just waiting for it to get approved hahaha. I noticed that you can upload pictures of your company's projects so I wanted to send you over some pictures if you'd care to use them or incase my review (WHICH WAS ALL POSITIVE HAHAHA) somehow doesn't go thru. Our dual sink has been great and I think it's the best purchase we made for our remodel! I'm on my wife's case constantly to wipe up any water thats left on the sink hahahah. Well, hope you are doing good! Website is looking good too!

Review from Josh

Review from Josh

Testimonials Josh
June 13, 2017

My sink is finally installed! Just wanted to send you a photo and thank you and your team for a great sink and shopping experience. It has only been a couple of weeks but our giant 4' sink is clearly the star of our kitchen, and it has already received many compliments.Also, you were right. I was so worried about the sink being too deep, but it is perfect. And, the grid does help. I like it a lot more than I thought I would.Thanks!

Review from Josh

Testimonials Kirsty G.
Seattle WA
June 09, 2017

Hi dan! This is Natalie glenn. I want to tell you again how much I love my sink! Our plumber was quite taken by it and we get so many compliments on it. We're still in the process of remodeling the kitchen but was excited to show you how the sink turned out with the soapstone. Thank you again for your fantastic customer service!! It truly has been a pleasure working with you!

Review from Natalie glenn

Testimonials Natalie glenn
Ashland, Va
June 1, 2017

Wanted to share a picture of my kitchen's piece de resistance. This special sink affords beauty and efficient function for the organization freak that I am.

Review from Georgia

Testimonials Georgia
Ashland, Va
May 25, 2017

Hi Dan, Hope this email finds you well and business booming.I wanted to thank you for your great service, and let you know how very much we love your sinks and faucets in our new kitchen.Is the 22” radius sink still available or is the new, 28” radius sink replacing it? I would like to specify the 22” for a refreshment center I am working on for a client.Here is a photo of our kitchen.

Testimonials Debbie B.
Monteagle TN
May 23, 2017

I had spoken with you probably about a month ago ordered 39 inch sink with the low divided and it was installed today, and I just want to tell you that it is amazing. I love it. I have all the accessories that I got with it to sink looks fantastic as soon as the faucet is installed and everything is finished as far as you know around the sink. I ill send you a picture so you can see how amazing it is. I was excited for my counter tops, but quite frankly the sink. I'm just over the moon about so thank you so much and hopefully tomorrow when they install the faucet and get this the single hooked up that everything goes very well, and they don't have any problems. So thanks again. Dan. Take care. Bye. Bye.

Testimonials Carol C.
Melbourne, Florida
May 11, 2017

The sink itself is beautiful.

Testimonials Anita W
Marietta, GA
April 04, 2017

I received my sink and WOW!.Very,very happy.Hubby just got home and I had told him I bought the sink and he commented that i had to be crazy to get it NOT only from USA but pay that type of money. I did not argue then BUT guess what? He opened box and inspected most of it and NOT a word. I commented that it is exactly what i wanted and He smiled.Honestly I have bought many sinks in the past but this one actually is my very favourite. Cant wait to have it installed and share pictures with all my friends. I LOVE IT.A very SPECIAL Thank you for your patience and for a beautiful Jewel for my new kitchen.

Testimonials Celia
Etobicoke ON, Canada
March 22, 2017

The customer service from Dan at Create Good Sinks was one of the best experiences I have ever had in working with appliances or products for our kitchen. His guidance and recommendations were spot on. If you need direction, he will help you make the best decision of your life for your kitchen update/remodel.

Testimonials Carrie R.
Richmond, MN
March 20, 2017

We've had the sink installed for several months now that our remodel is finally coming to an end. Even with as much work that we’ve done on our first floor, as friends and family, and even sales people who come into our home and take delight in seeing everything, we always end up spending a lot of time talking about this wonderful offset drain sink. No one has seen one like it and I am always telling them how thrilled I was to find it. As I use it each day, I’m very happy that we purchased it. Thank you, Dan, for your help!

Testimonials Dorothy G.
Roselle, IL
January 27, 2017

The Ultra clean sink and the unique faucet I purchase from ultra sink assisted by dan is the best. Family and friends love it. Awesome! not only the product is great, customer Service is beyond great. Yes, Dan I'm talking about you. You help us out beyond our expectation. You gave us your helpful suggestion and advice Including parts we needed to finish our sink. You just didn't sell your great product your humanity and soul came with it. Product and service graded beyond A+. Thank you very much. I'm loving it everyday...

Testimonials Wilma
Santa Clarita, CA
October 28, 2016

"HI, Dan,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you…we finished a kitchen and master bath remodel and then headed out of town on vacation, so it’s been a bit frantic.

I love my sink, and my longtime contractor and friend, while initially skeptical about the sink, became a believer after I showed him the garbage disposal install video and he put it in and saw how everything fit together, especially the wonderful removable rubber collar. He will be mentioning your sinks to his kitchen remodel clients!

I do have a question. Is it possible to order replacement rubber collars (I can’t remember if that is the proper term, but the thing that usually gets so slimy and gross but you can’t clean it except for yours that you can pop out and put thru the dishwasher). Unfortunately, when hubby was putting some stuff down the disposal, the collar dislodged and went down also and it went a round with the switch on! It was remarkably undamaged, but still a bit scarred up and I can foresee needing to replace it eventually. Would it be possible for me to just order that?


Testimonials Stephanie J.
July 1, 2016

"Love it!!! We just renovated our kitchen and this sink looks beautiful. Definitely would recommend this product!"

Testimonials Karen F.
Howard Beach, NY
June 24, 2016

"I am really happy with the sink. I especially like the sleek drains. Would definitely recommend your company."

Testimonials Deborah W.
Bethel Park, PA
June 23, 2016

"LOVE my sinks, and the service that came along with
ordering them. I have not installed them yet so am not in a position
to comment fully. I will gladly write a review as soon as they
are installed :D

Testimonials Christina C.
June 23, 2016

"The best decision we made in our whole renovation!

The no-rim drain is spectacular, the size of the sink is perfect (width and depth)
1/2" Radius Ledge 33" Single Bowl With Offset Drain Left "

1/2" Radius Ledge 33" Single Bowl With Offset Drain Left

Testimonials Alan G.
June 09, 2016

"Hi Dan,

Thank you so much for the great service. As the home owner we love both the sink and fixture. Surely superior products to everything we had compared. My plumber ( who has been in the plumbing business for more than 40 years) said he had not seen better products in his career. Thanks again. "

Client Review from Robert D. - Create Good Sinks

Testimonials Robert D.
June 06, 2016


Love our sink :) Not the best pictures, but we hope you get some idea of the sink's new home.
When you have time to give us the info, we would like to purchase another kit for future unforeseen repairs.


Client Review from Peter M

Testimonials Peter M.
Gainesville, FL
June 02, 2016

"Hi Dan,
We got our new counters in along with your great sink. I've attached a few photos. The counter guys really liked your product. I did the plumbing installation and it was a breeze with your approach to connecting the disposer.

BTW, we love the colander and metal top rack and find them very useful in many configurations. The colander is great for drying things and washing veggies.

Also, we love the enormous amount of space it frees up relative to our former setup with dual basins and large disposer. "

Client Review from Sefan from New Jersey

TestimonialsTestimonials Stefan and Ellen M.
New Jersey
June 1, 2016

"Hi Dan,

Just thought I would let you know that the drain kits did get here Friday afternoon, actually when the Granite installers were still here. Installing them was really simple. Love the sinks!!! Wish all of it was as simple as putting in the drain kits. Poor Husband worked all day Saturday to get everything hooked back up again. Anyway it’s behind us and everything is up and working.

Thank you for all your patience with me starting when I was looking for a sink to fit into the old granite. The help you gave to me was beyond anything that I have ever encountered. I can’t thank you enough. I am so happy with the sink it is beautiful. I will recommend you and your company to anyone that I know who is interested in a new sink.

Thank you again,"

Client Review from Gail L. from Fort Myers Florida - Create Good SinksClient Review from Gail L. from Fort Myers Florida - Create Good Sinks

Testimonials Gail L.
Fort Myers, FL
May 25, 2016

"Dan, love the new sink. Installers were amazed. Thanks again. "

Customer Review from Lorie K.

Testimonials Lorie K.
May 12, 2016

"Hi Dan, I did want to let you know being in precision sheet metal fabrication for 35 + years the sink looks very nice and all the goodies that came with it look nice to. "

Testimonials Phil C.
Hayward, CA
April 26, 2016

I installed the sink and drain. Very nice unit. Breeze to install.
You forgot to mention going with the single bowl from a double bowl that you get significantly more free space under the sink as 50% of the plumbing is gone. Thanks."

Testimonials Gary G.
G Squared Construction LLC
April 11, 2016

We completed our kitchen in 10 days but it took us 3 months to find the right contractors and purchase the appliances, sink and overhead fan. We chose a leather finish granite to go with our white shaker style cabinetry. The upper cabinets are new, the lower cabinets were refaced. Your seamless sink is my pride and joy. Combined with a big insinkerator disposal, it's incredibly efficient, especially having the drain nearest the dishwasher.
Thanks again for your excellent advice and support. If you have any questions just let us know. "

TestimonialsTestimonials John and Betty I.
Sparks, NV
March 23, 2016

"We love our sinks! All 3 models work perfectly and look gorgeous....kitchen with the ledge makes it so very versatile, bar so handy and laundry the best dachshund washing spot ever. We are thrilled and so appreciative of your personal advice and assistance. Our guests have been very complimentary. Thanks so much!"

TestimonialsTestimonials Kim and Bob S.
Indian Hill, Ohio
March 10, 2016

"Hi Dan
Just a note with pics. I love my sink...it is the perfect size...you were absolutely right with your recommendation to go for the larger size. It is so beautiful. Everyone who sees it gets that "sink envy" you described! It is the center piece of my new kitchen...so many conveniences. The cutting board and the drain basket really make so many tasks so much easier and less messy. And I love the clean drain feature. It just makes me secure knowing I am not breeding germs in my food prep area.Thanks for your wonderful design.

You said the bottom grate protector would come in February. Do you have it yet? I am geting scratches. Also, if you recall, you were going to add the plastic cutting board so I could have a separate surface for meats and vegetables.

Again thanks for this wonderful product. I never dreamed my sink would be my favorite element in my new kitchen.
Best always,"

Review from Deanne C.

Testimonials Deanne C.
March 5, 2016

"I wanted to send you a picture of my kitchen sink/faucet. I LOVE them. When my tile guy was working in the kitchen, he noticed the sink and inquired. I'll be sure to give out your information to anyone I know remodeling or building! Your were awesome in allowing me to switch out the faucet and get the shorter one!!!! Thank you again and may God bless you for your kindness!"

Testimonials Hilda
February 26, 2016

"Hi Dan. Finally! My kitchen is finished. And, I LOVE my sink. It is really great and was perfect for all the Thanksgiving paraphernalia. Thank you! Attached are a couple of photos. The pictures don't do it justice. Looking forward to the grid when you get them in. Im concerned about scratching. I sent the link to your website to my colleague. She will be renovating her kitchen - she was very impressed with my sink when she saw it. Again, thanks for a great sink and all the awesome accessories. Suzanne D."

Create Good Sinks Suzanne D.
Testimonials Suzanne D.
January 23, 2016

"A true work of art and engineering!! So easy to install a Gecko could do it!! ? Seriously though, this sink, and Create Good / Seemless Sinks quality and customer service are the best I've ever encountered! Friends that see the sink are blown away! Truly gushing over it! Yes... Over a sink ! Thanks Dan at Create Good / Great Sinks! Anna and Collin G."
TestimonialsTestimonials Anna and Collin G.
January 13, 2016