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  • What kind of stainless steel do you use?

    Our sinks are made with 304 grade, 16 gauge stainless steel and every sink is carefully hand-welded (by a real person!). The 304 steel is 18/8, meaning is contains at least 8% nickel. Most stainless steel sinks are stamped or drawn, meaning the 16 gauge stainless steel is stretched when the mold is pressed into it. They are referred to as 16 gauge even though they end up being much thinner. Our sinks are not stretched. We start with a flat piece of stainless steel, cut it like a dress pattern, and bend the sides up. Since our steel is never stretched it is much heavier than 16-gauge drawn sinks. Our stainless steel is lead-free, our sinks are cUPC certified, and meet the guidelines for Massachusetts plumbing code.

  • What is the right sink for my cabinet?

    For all of our sinks, we recommend that you leave at least 1/4” of clearance on the left and right side of the sink. This means if you have a 30” wide sink, you will need a cabinet that has an inside measure of at least 31” wide.

    Our sinks do not exceed 20.5” front to back, which will fit perfectly in a standard cabinet measuring 24” front to back and leave you with plenty of room for a faucet.

    Our drainboard sinks will fit perfectly over your dishwasher.

    Want to double check that you have the correct size? Shoot us an email or give us a call!

  • How do I attach a disposal?

    Create Good Sink’s unique, seamless drain design will hook up flawlessly to most garbage disposals. All of the necessary parts and instructions for installation are included for free with every sink. For visual instruction, please refer to the video on the installation page.

    We recommend the following disposals for use with our sinks:

    • Insinkerator
    • Moen
    • American Standard
    • Emerson
    • Franke
    • Barracuda

    A few models, listed below, require a simple adaptor or insert which Create Good Sinks provides for no additional cost. Drop us a line if this applies to you:

    • Kenmore
    • Kitchen Aid
    • Waste King
    • Whirlaway

  • Why should I choose a ½” radius sink over a zero radius sink?

    The radius of a sink refers to the curvature of the walls and corners. While most people love the contemporary look and larger work space provided by a zero radius sink, its 90 degree corners make it difficult to clean. On the flip side, sinks with large curves are overly rounded and make large portions of your sink unusable.

    Create Good Sinks has opted for a ½” radius on all of our sinks, leaving you with a sleek and spacious sink but with a slightly rounded corner for ease of cleaning.

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    1/2" radius: zero radius:
  • Do you have any sinks with a double ledge?

    All of our ledge sinks are designed with a slightly larger lip to give you the option of having a second ledge.

    If you prefer a dual ledge, the countertop fabricator will leave a portion of that lip exposed creating an upper tier. The exposed lip is 1/2" on the front and back and 1/4" on the left and right sides.

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  • What installation method should I choose for my countertop?

    A flush mount is the most common installation method. It refers to the granite countertop and sink wall being even with each other.

    A reveal mount is when the granite counter top is cut back to expose a portion of the sink lip. This revealed portion creates an upper ledge that can be used for a second layer of ledge accessories.

    We recommend exposing 1/2" of the lip on the front and back wall (1" total), and 1/4" on the left and right wall (1/2" total).

    An overhang mount is when the countertop extends slightly past the sink wall, which will hide the silicone used to mount the sink. An overhang should not exceed 1/8" to allow for full functions of the accessories.

  • Do you have any showrooms?

    Create Good Sinks operates as an online business so that we are able to work directly with our customers, as it is the best way to maintain reasonable pricing and great personal service. If you live in the Cincinnati area, or are passing through, we would be happy to take you through our 20,000 square foot warehouse. Please call to make an appointment.

  • What is the lead time after placing an order?

    Orders for in-stock items typically go out the business day after purchase. Shipping via UPS takes 1-5 business days for delivery depending on your location (see map for estimated shipping time). If your order is international and/or requires expedited shipping, please send us a message or give us a call. Please note: Sinks over 56” and custom accessories require special attention from our warehouse team. Please allow an additional 3-5 business days.

  • What is the warranty and return policy for your sinks?

    Create Good Sinks wants to make purchasing online as comfortable as possible, which is why we offer a 100% hassle free guarantee. If our products do not hold up to your expectations in any way, we are happy to refund the purchase fully and provide free return shipping with no questions asked.

    We also offer a generous lifetime warranty on all of our sinks and accessories. Click here for our full warranty policy.

  • How should I clean my sink and accessories?

    To maintain your sink and stainless steel accessories, we recommend a thorough cleaning once per week using stainless steel cleaner (we love Barkeeper's Friend!) and a non-abrasive cloth or sponge. Please avoid harsh cleaners, pads, and bleach as these can cause damage to the steel.

    Over time, scratches in the stainless steel will blend into a textured patina. We have embraced this natural process by finishing all of our sinks in a #4 brush finish to help disguise smaller scratches in the meantime. Using our grids in the basin of your sink will also greatly reduce the chance of deeper scratches.

    Our cutting boards work best when treated bi-weekly with mineral oil and a scrubbing pad. This will “season” the cutting boards overtime to reduce cut marks and help with the richness of the materials.

  • Where are your sinks made?

    Our sinks are made with non-recycled stainless steel from Korea. The manufacturing process for our sinks is labor-intensive with both the seamless drain and half-inch radius corners as standard features. In order to keep prices competitive, we partnered with a factory near Hong Kong, China, who we have maintained a great working relationship with over the years. The sinks are carefully hand-welded, securely packaged, and shipped to our warehouse in Cincinnati, Ohio, where every sink completes a thorough inspection process before they ship to you.

  • Do you have any tips for an easy install?

    1. Please inspect your sink when you receive it for any damage. It gives us time to send a replacement.

    2. Disposal - If you are buying a new one, the In-Sink-Erator Evolution Model either ¾ HP or 1 HP is recommended. The Evolution model is powerful and quiet and great quality. (Stay away from the “Space Saver” or “Compact” models) Other brands may work too. Let’s discuss what you need before the plumber arrives.

    3. We ship the drain kits with the sink. Make sure you have one for each sink bowl a few days before the plumber arrives. If the kits are missing, we will express a set to you to make sure the project moves forward smoothly.

    4. Plumbers sometimes start without reading our instructions. For a smooth install, have them review this page: https://www.creategoodsinks.com/pages/sink-installation or make sure they read the instructions in the drain kit box. Also, make sure the plumber has our phone number. Have them call us if they have any questions or concerns. 513-327-8078

  • Are your sinks sound dampened

    Yes. All of our sinks come with 1/8" thick sound pads and a thick layer of undercoating paint to help dampen sound. 

  • How do I choose the right faucet?

    Faucet choice and placement are going to be based on personal preference and variables in your project's design. 

    Our sinks have a #4 brush finish. Look for keywords like, "stainless," "brushed stainless," and "arctic stainless," to get a close match.

    With our ledge workstation sinks you will want to make sure that your faucet is about 9" or more from the center of the stem to the center of the sprayer head. This will ensure that the faucet will reach far enough out into the bowl of the sink.

    For our smaller, single bowl sinks, we typically recommend centering the faucet with the overall length of the sink.

    With double bowl sinks, you can either center them with the entire length of the sink or you can place it in line with the divider of the sink.

    With our larger sinks (46" and over), dual faucets can be a very smart choice. You can divide the work between two people or have a prep and clean station going at the same time. We typically see dual faucets placed symmetrically, between two equal halves of the sink.

    Again, this is a choice based on your personal preference and also on the model of sink you choose. We are more than happy to help you figure out the best configuration for your project. Feel free to give us a call at 513-327-8078

    For visual references, more info, and pictures of faucets, visit our helpful faucet blog post.

    Dual Faucet (Example with placement on 1/3 lines of sink) Faucet arch, 9" or more with workstation sinks

    Our design offers a practical and beautiful solution to the grimy ring around the sink drain and our system makes for super easy installation.


  • Offset Drain

    Offset drains provide a number of benefits. Rinse debris in one direction and open up your cabinet with consolidated plumbing


  • Workstation

    An easy compromise of counter space, Workstation offer the option of expanding workable surface area in your kitchen. The ledge helps to keep messes confined to your sink by utilizing a variety of accessories for a productive prep, clean-up, and serving station.


  • ½" Radius Sink

    Our half inch radius design brings a happy marriage of straight modern lines and soft corners, for a great look and easy clean up.


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