Ledge Sinks


The ledge is a creative solution to the “more sink or more counter” dilemma. Our ledge sinks are manufactured with a built-in shelf that supports several different accessories, making dead space over the sink usable. 

Ledge Accessories

Accessories such as our cutting boards, colanders and roll-out drying rack fit securely on the ledge and act as a continuation of your countertop.


Our ledge sinks are designed with a slightly larger lip to allow the option of having a second ledge.

When installing the sink, cut the counter top back a bit, revealing a portion of the lip to act as a second ledge.

We offer several accessories that function on either ledge, allowing you to create a truly customizable workspace in your kitchen.

Versatile and fun

With a little imagination, the ledge design and our custom accessories create a fun, interactive work zone in the kitchen. 

Prepare, serve, and clean the new way.