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Bohemian minimalist kitchen with four foot workstation sink

Minimal, Bohemian-Chic Dream Kitchen

Teryn was a joy to work with. She installed our 46" single bowl workstation sink (5LS46c) in a waterfall counter island. Her matte black faucets pair wonderfully with the brushed finish of our stainless steel. This nearly four foot sink is typically the size where we start to see dual faucets (although you can totally still get away with one!).

46" workstation single bowl undermount stainless steel kitchen sink

46 inch ledge workstation kitchen sink single bowl oversized stainless steel undermount

4 foot workstation sink

Four foot undermount stainless steel ledge workstation kitchen sink waterfall island quartz counter



56" single bowl ledge sink with reversible, offset drain 5LS56c

This gorgeous kitchen features our largest single bowl model. This is a great sink for using multiple accessories in tandem. You can seamlessly prep, serve, and clean up with two people at the sink. A must have for a busy, gourmet kitchen.

Create Good Sinks 56" five foot stainless steel ledge sinkCreate Good Sinks Large 56" Single Bowl Ledge Workstation SinkCreate Good Sinks 5 foot (56") stainless steel workstation sink



68" ledge sink and integral drainboard 5LPD17.30

The built-in drainboard is a fabulous feature for folks who do a lot of hand-washing. The dual bowl design shown here with two faucets lets a kitchen dream team tackle any dinner event effortlessly.

large drainboard ledge sink



Non-ledge drainboard sink, 30" bowl with drainboard to right 5PS30R

Clean lines and a practical drainboard for air drying dishes make this sink an elegant choice for a minimalist kitchen.

Single bowl drainboard sink



37" Ledge sink, offset drain right 5LS37R - featured with ledge rollmat

Pam tells me the roll mat almost never leaves her sink. She thinks about it as a modular drainboard where she can air dry on one side of the sink, with plenty of room below to soak her bigger pots, and about half of the sink left to continue prepping food or rinsing dishes for the dishwasher.

Create Good Sinks 37 inch ledge sink with rollmat



50" double bowl ledge workstation sink, reversible design 5LD50c

Two faucets and double bowl design allow two people to work harmoniously. Divide and conquer, we say.

Create Good Sinks 63" double bowl ledge sink



34" double bowl ledge sink, larger bowl left 5LD34L

Our 34" double bowl sinks fit perfectly in 36" base cabinets, making this one of our most popular models. We opted for a 60/40 split between the bowls so one side can handle cookie sheets and large pans. 

Create Good Sinks 34" double bowl ledge sink



28" single bowl ledge sink, offset drain right, 8" deep 5LS28R-8

We designed the 28" sinks with smaller kitchens in mind. The shallower 8" depth allows plenty of room in the cabinet for a waste can. Combine this with the built-in ledge design and you've got a small and mighty sink!

28" ledge workstation sink



37" single bowl ledge sink, offset drain left 5LS37L

Our larger single bowl sinks, especially with the protective grid on the bottom, allow you to put heavy pots and pans in the sink confidently.

37" ledge sink offset drain left 5LS37L



46" single bowl ledge sink with offset, reversible drain 5LS46c

This customer opted for a positive reveal cut in the counter to create a second ledge. Pictured is our 18" bamboo cutting board (LCB18) which can fit the upper and built-in ledge when rotated. This is a great sink for using multiple accessories.

Large single bowl ledge sink with cutting board



40" single bowl ledge sink with offset, reversible drain 5LS40c

This contemporary kitchen features our 40" ledge sink with 18" bamboo cutting board. Even with the large board, there is plenty of space to use in the sink.

33" stainless steel undermount ledge workstation sink Create Good Sinks


This GORGEOUS kitchen features our 39" double bowl, ledge workstation sink (5LD39c). The sink lives in the oversized island, complete with bar seating to the side. The kitchen is modest and modern, with earthy, natural tans and a rustic country view. Our sinks are truly versatile when it comes to design aesthetics.

39 inch double bowl ledge workstation sink in kitchen island

39 inch double bowl ledge workstation sink in long kitchen island

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Lowell Muse and RIta Thomas

Lowell Muse and RIta Thomas

Our 31 inch right hand drain sink is a gem and two years after installation looks great. No other sink product we found addressed the ease of cleaning, disposal installation and servicing. Best product line ever to customize your kitchen and enhance function, safety, and service. Top quality product by every measure. Thanks. PS everyone should have one

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