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The sinks are made differently

The sinks are made differently.

Gentle Radius Sinks are stamped from a sheet of 16 gauge stainless steel. The sink’s corners are rounded so the steel does not split as it stretches. Also, the sides are slanted, so the mold can be removed. The slanted walls and rounded corners reduce the available work space in the sink basin.

The Zero Radius and 1/2" Radius Sinks are hand made from a flat sheet of stainless steel. The steel is cut with a laser… like a dress pattern... and the sides folded up. The corners are then welded, grinded, and beautifully brush finished. Because the side walls are straight up and down with tighter corners, the work space in the basin is about 20% larger than the Gentle Radius Sinks (with slanted sides and larger, rounded corners). Also, because the steel is not stretched, it is thicker than the 16 gauge stamped sink.

A very efficient use of space for a beautiful kitchen sink.