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Sponge-Guard Liquid Dish Soap

Sponge-Guard Liquid Dish Soap combines White Vinegar with a very gentle sudsing agent for a fantastic liquid dish soap that also keeps the sponge fresh. After washing dishes with Sponge Guard, rinse the sponge, apply Sponge Guard again and let it sit... Our formula "pickles" the sponge keeping it clean. Because the sponge has dish soap in it, it is ready for the next batch of dishes.

No thickeners... it is deliberately thin, so it rinses easily, leaving no residue... Glasses will sparkle. To see for yourself, try it on your eyeglasses! It is amazing.

No scents, coloring, etc. This is a great dish soap.... Kitchen sink hygiene dramatically improves when Create Good Sinks and Sponge-Guard Liquid Dish Soap are used together. 

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